Celebrities and Tattoos

It’s very common to see celebrities with tattoos in their music videos, awards acceptance speeches, photo shoots, etc. But do tattoos affect celebrities careers?


As we get older, we start to notice that our celebrity crushes getting a collection of ink. Justin Bieber, for example, became famous at the age of 14 when his first YouTube video went viral. He got his first tattoo of a bird on his hip at the age of 16. Now, at the age of 22, he has visible tattoos all over, including a sleeve and a half. Rihanna has her own collection of somewhat discrete tattoos as well. On the other hand, Miley Cyrus has a very unique collection of tattoos. She doesn’t have any big pieces, other than the one on her forearm and one on her rib cage. Instead, she chose to have many tiny tattoos all over her arm. She even has one on the inside of her bottom lip! but as singers, tattoos don’t really affect much of their image. Because the tattoos do not get in the way of their singing, they only get criticism from their fans and media. Mike Tyson has an iconic tattoo on nearly half of his face. Gucci Mane has the iconic ice cream tattooed on his face as well. Kehlani, a Bay Area native singer, has four face tattoos and yet she is still slaying the game.

But their are other celebrities who’s careers are effected by tattoos. Kian Lawley, a YouTuber and upcoming actor, had to arrive an hour before everyone else when shooting Shovel Buddies to cover up his tattoos because his character wasn’t old enough to have tattoos. In the movie Chef, Scarlett Johansson covers up her original tattoos as temporary ones are added for the character of the film. When Megan Fox played Reagan in New girl, she didn’t have to cover up her tattoos. But even Dwayne Johnson had to cover up his tattoos for the film Hercules and were replaced placed fake scars for the film.

Tattoos affect some careers more than others. But as celebrities, most of which already have a strong fan base and have been in the business for a while, tattoos have no or a very minimal affect.


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