Health: Pros and Cons

So what are the risks and benefits of having tattoos?


Of course, when you get a tattoo, it is needles piercing through your skin. After getting your first tattoo, you might notice some things happening to your body. Because tattoos are stressful and invasive to your body, you may feel weak afterwards. You might feel sore, tender and itchy around the tattoo.

Some of the risks of tattoos include infection, allergies and scarring. In a few cases, tattoos swell or burn during an MRI, yet it does not last long. It is important to be aware of the shops cleanliness as dirty needles can transfer infections such as hepatitis and HIV. Some people are even allergic to different ink pigments which can cause some problems. Over time, the sun breaks down ink particles that the skin cells hold. This can be dangerous as the ink seeps through the skin and into the body.

Now, if you regret your tattoo so much that you do not want to see it on your body anymore, removing it is not only costly, painful and does not always work. The most common way of of tattoo removal is laser treatment. It works by rapidly delivering flashes of light so that the skin so that it can break down the ink. Laser treatments require more than one session and do not always completely disappear. So be absolutely sure when getting a tattoo.

But, surprisingly, studies have shown that tattoos can improve you immune system. As you keep getting tattoos, your body becomes adapted to the stress of being punctured after multiple times. That does not mean you should get a half sleeve just to avoid a cough. Just know that in some aspect, after many tattoos, your body becomes stronger. So when your parents start freaking out over your first piece, don’t forget to casually mention they wont have to worry about you taking Vitamin C pills. Just kidding. It’s not that helpful. Don’t stop taking Vitamin C pills.


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