Hello! My name is Kassandra Covarrubias. I became really interested in tattoos since freshmen year of high school. It has actually became an obsession. I can go from spending hours on Pinterest looking at tattoos, just to admire them even when I’m not looking for a design for myself, to watching and re-watching episodes of Ink Masters, a competition against tattoo artists.

Before, whenever I’d see a tattoo, I’d think people are crazy for making the decision to put something on their body that would be there forever. But that’s the coolest part! Tattoos become part of who you are. You can get really attached to tattoos. Now, whenever I see tattoos, I always pay attention to the line work, the colors, the placement, and just imagine what made the person get that specific tattoo.

Tattoos are art, so it’s interesting to think why someone picked that art piece to look at for the rest of their lives. Of course though, not all tattoos have a meaning. That’s why I’ve also learned that instead of asking people the “meaning” of their tattoos, it’s better to ask “the story” behind their tattoos.

I used to hate on some tattoos. I used to see some and think to myself “God, what was that person thinking getting that stupid tattoo!?” But ever since I started getting tattoos, my perspective has definitely changed. I don’t think any tattoo is stupid. Yea I still see some and I say “I’d never get that tatted.” But I’m in no position to judge what’s not on my body. People don’t get tattoos to please others and I don’t know the story behind it. As long as they’re happy with their tattoo, that’s what is important. I’ve come to respect all tattoos, no matter what.

So if you can’t tell, I can go on about tattoos. I’m not an expert on tattoos, but almost. Hopefully this blog will guide tattoo virgins on the right path of finding out whether tattoos are for them.